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CWC, CTBT Membership Ranks Grow

Several states deposited ratification instruments to key arms control treaties in April. After depositing its instrument of ratification with the United Nations March 31, Rwanda joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) April 30. Rwanda is the 162nd state-party to the convention and the fifth African country to join within the last year. Egypt is the only African state believed to possess chemical weapons production capabilities that has not yet signed the convention. The CWC prohibits the production, acquisition, and use of chemical weapons.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) also increased its membership in April. Bahrain deposited ratification of the treaty April 12, making it one of 13 Middle Eastern and South Asian countries that have joined the pact, which seeks to ban all nuclear weapons tests. Three days after Bahrain, Seychelles deposited its instrument of ratification. One hundred and twelve countries have now ratified the CTBT, and 171 have signed it. But the treaty will not take effect until it is ratified by 44 designated states with proven nuclear capabilities. China, India, North Korea, Pakistan, and the United States are among the 10 remaining states that must either ratify or sign and ratify the treaty before it enters into force.