"I find hope in the work of long-established groups such as the Arms Control Association...[and] I find hope in younger anti-nuclear activists and the movement around the world to formally ban the bomb."

– Vincent Intondi
Professor of History, Montgomery College
July 1, 2020
Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun

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Illinois House of Representatives, 1979-87; U.S. Senate, 1993-98; U.S. ambassador to New Zealand, 1999-2001


During her one term in the Senate from 1993 to 1998, Carol Moseley Braun pushed for ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, supported filibustering legislation to deploy a national missile defense “as soon as technologically possible,” voted to adopt the Chemical Weapons Convention, and co-sponsored a bill to place restrictions on military assistance and arms transfers to nondemocratic countries.

The former ambassador to New Zealand staunchly opposed the war in Iraq and, as president, would reject the “Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war as an American foreign policy,” according to a Peace Action candidate questionnaire. She is also opposed to researching and developing new nuclear weapons and resuming nuclear testing. She says she would solve friction with countries such as North Korea, Syria, and Iran through negotiation rather than military intervention. “I would protect American national security by utilizing our strong diplomatic corps to work through conflicts with many countries we find ourselves at odds with.”