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Victor Alessi and Ronald F. Lehman II


Table 1: ISTC Project Technology Areas 1994-1997

Technology Area Number of Projects Funding
Environment 101 $38.1 million
Air Pollution and Control, Environmental Health and Safety, Modelling and Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Instrumentation, Radioactive Waste Treatment, Remediation and Decontamination, Seismic Monitoring, Solid Waste Pollution and Control, Waste Disposal, Water Pollution and Control.
Fission Reactors 76 $27.2 million
Decommissioning, Experiments, Fuel Cycle, Isotopes, Materials, Modelling, Nuclear and Other Technical Data, Nuclear Instrumentation, Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding, Reactor Concept, Reactor Engineering and NPP, Reactor Fuels and Fuel Engineering.
Physics 72 $18.4 million
Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Fluid Mechanics and Gas Dynamics, Optics and Lasers, Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics, Plasma Physics, Radiofrequency Waves, Solid State Physics, Structural Mechanics.
Materials Science 48 $16.7 million
Ceramics, Composites, Organic Materials and Plastics, Explosives, High-Performance Metals and Alloys, Materials Synthesis and Processing.
Biotechnology and Life Sciences 57 $12.9 million
Biochemistry, Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Public Health, Radiobiology.
Instrumentation 36 $10.3 million
Detection Devices, Measuring Instruments.
Space, Aircraft, Surface Transportation 33 $10.0 million
Aeronautics, Astronomy, Extraterrestrial Exploration, Manned Space Station, Space Launch Vehicles and Support Equipment, Space Safety, Spacecraft Trajectories and Mechanics, Surface Transportation, Unmanned Spacecraft.
Fusion 23 $7.5 million
Hybrid Systems and Fuel Cycle, Inertial Confinement Systems, Magnetic Confinement Systems, Plasma Physics.
Information and Communication 18 $5.6 million
Data Storage and Peripherals, High-Definition Imaging and Displays, High Performance Computing and Networking, Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, Sensors and Signal Processing, Software.
Non-Nuclear Energy 10 $3.6 million
Batteries and Components, Electric Power Production, Fuel Conversion, Fuels, Geothermal Energy, Heating and Cooling Systems, Miscellaneous Energy Conversion, Solar Energy.
Chemistry 11 $3.1 million
Analytical Chemistry, Basic and Synthetic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering, Photo and Radiation Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry.
Manufacturing Technology 7 $1.0 million
CAD and CAM, Engineering Materials, Machinery and Tools, Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control, Plant Design and Maintenance, Robotics, Tribology.
Other Basic Sciences and Technology 4 $0.4 million
Agriculture, Building Industry Technology, Electrotechnology, Geology, Natural Resources and Earth Sciences.
TOTAL 496 $155.1 million

Note: Funding levels do not add up to the total due to differences in rounding.

Source: International Science and Technology Center 1997 Annual Report ...Back to text


Table 2: 1997 ISTC Project Activity and Funding (in millions)

Technology area Number of Projects Funding
Environment 34 $7.8
Fission Reactors 21 $7.4
Physics 26 $5.1
Instrumentation 12 $2.5
Biotechnology and Life Sciences 19 $2.4
Materials 12 $2.3
Space, Air and Surface Transportation 14 $2.3
Information and Communications 8 $1.2
Fusion 5 $0.8
Chemistry 3 $0.7
Manufacturing Technology 3 $0.3
Non-Nuclear Energy 1 $0.3
Other 1 $0.03
TOTAL 159 $33.3

Note: Funding levels do not add up to the total due to differences in rounding.

Source: International Science and Technology Center 1997 Annual Report ...Back to text


Victor Alessi, former director of the Department of Energy's Office of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, is the original U.S. board member to the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC). He is currently president of DynMeridian, a subsidiary of DynCorp. Ronald F. Lehman II, former director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, is chairman of the governing board of the ISTC. He is currently director of the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.