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January 19, 2011
1997 ACT Index

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The following is a complete index of materials printed in Arms Control Today in 1997.

The index is organized according to 6 categories:

Authors Subjects Factfiles Interviews Briefings Documents


Arnett, Eric:

"Nuclear Stability And Arms Sales to India: Implications for U.S. Policy," Aug., pp. 7-11.

Bertsch, Gary and Victor Zaborsky:

"Bringing Ukraine into the MTCR: Can U.S. Policy Succeed?" Apr., pp. 9-14.

Boese, Wade:

"Clinton Moves Closer to Easing Limits on Arms Sales to Latin America," Apr., p. 37;
"CD Ends Session Without Resolving Divide Over Agenda," Jun./Jul., p. 23;
"CFE Parties Agree on 'Basic Elements' For Negotiating Adaptation Accord," Jun./Jul., p. 21;
"NATO Issues Three Invitations; Signs Separate Charter with Ukraine," Jun./Jul., p. 19;
"Clinton Ends 20-Year Ban on High-Tech Arms to Latin America," Aug., p. 21;
"U.S. Increases Worldwide Share of Arms Deliveries, Agreements in 1996," Aug., p. 22;
"Deadlock Continues to Plague CD Through Final 1997 Session," Sept., p. 32;
"Parties Complete Weapons Reductions Under Balkan Arms Control Accord," Oct., p. 31;
"U.S. Buys Moldovan Aircraft To Prevent Acquisition by Iran," Oct., p. 28;
"United States Remains on Top of UN Conventional Arms Register," Oct., p. 29;
"Divisions Still Impede Wassenaar Export Control Regime at Plenary," Nov./Dec., p. 27;
"NATO Proposes Lower CFE Ceilings Not Requiring Actual Force Cuts," Nov./Dec., p. 25.

Bosworth, Stephen W.:

"Keeping the U.S.-North Korean Nuclear Accord on Track," Aug., pp. 3-6 (Interview).

Burns, William F.:

"The Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy," (Oct. 14 address at ACA annual dinner), Oct., pp. 3-5.

Cerniello, Craig:

"NMD Debate in Congress Heats Up As Lott, Lugar Introduce New Bills," Jan./Feb., p. 21;
"Panel Upholds NIE Assessment of Ballistic Missile Threat to U.S.," Jan./Feb., p. 22;
"Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission Expands Cooperative Measures," Mar., p. 26;
"Duma Criticizes Helsinki Outcome; Postpones START II Discussions," Apr., p. 34;
"Senate Committee Approves NMD Bill Mandating Deployment by End of 2003," Apr., p. 38;
"QDR Supports Nuclear Status Quo, Adds Billions More to NMD Program," May, p. 29;
"U.S., Russian Officials Voice Confidence In Russian Control of Nuclear Forces," May, p. 28;
"Clinton Set to Submit CTBT to Senate; Japan Ratifies," Jun./Jul., p. 20;
"Clinton, Yeltsin Make Arms Control Gains Before 'G-8' Summit in Denver," Jun./Jul., p. 20;
"SCC Parties Clear Final Hurdle for ABM-TMD 'Demarcation' Accords," Aug., p. 20;
"U.S. Investigating Seismic Event Near Russian Nuclear Test Site," Aug., p. 19;
"Clinton Sends CTB Treaty to Senate; Hearings Set to Begin in October," Sept., p. 25;
"Russian Officials Deny Claims of Missing Nuclear Weapons," Sept., p. 30;
"SCC Parties Sign Agreements on Multilateralization, TMD Systems," Sept., p. 26;
"U.S. Russia Sign Agreements on Plutonium-Producing Reactors," Sept., p. 28;
"U.S., Russia Sign START II Accords; Yeltsin Pushes for Treaty Approval," Sept., p. 27;
"CIA Says Seismic Event Near Russian Test Site Not a Nuclear Explosion," Oct., p. 24;
"Senate Panels Begin Hearings on CTB Treaty and Stewardship," Oct., p. 24;
"U.S., Russian Missile Commanders Agree to New Transparency Measures," Oct., p. 32;
"Clinton Issues New Guidelines on U.S. Nuclear Weapons Doctrine," Nov./Dec., p. 23;
"NDP Report Says Wait on NMD, But Not on Nuclear Reductions," Nov./Dec., p. 22.

Cerniello, Craig and Jack Mendelsohn:

"The Arms Control Agenda at the Helsinki Summit," Mar., pp. 16-18.

Diamond, Howard:

"Nuclear Deal With North Korea Back on Track After Sub Incident," Jan./Feb., p. 23;
"UNSCOM Head Says Iraq Has 'Operational' Missile Force," Jan./Feb., p. 25;
"CD Ends First Session of 1997 Without Mandates for Negotiations," Mar., p. 27;
"U.S. Investigating Computer Exports to Russian Nuclear Weapons Labs," Mar., p. 25;
"KEDO Reactor Project Moves Through Protocols Toward Implementation," Apr., p. 39;
"SEANFWZ Enters Into Force; U.S. Considers Signing Protocol," Apr., p. 35;
"EURATOM Set to Join KEDO; Work at Sinpo Site to Begin," May, p. 30;
"IAEA Approves '93+2' Protocol; Awaits Adoption by Member States," May, p. 27;
"Congress Considers Tightening Export Controls for Supercomputers," Jun./Jul., p. 22;
"Indian, Pakistani Missile Activities Accelerate As Bilateral Talks Continue," Jun./Jul., p. 24; "Clinton Steps Up Effort to Enact 1985 Sino-U.S. Nuclear Agreement," Sept., p. 31;
"Following Summit, Clinton Looks To Activate Sino-U.S. Nuclear Accord," Oct., p. 23;
"U.S., Russia Seek Compromise Over Disputed Computers," Oct., pp. 26-27;
"'Canning,' Fuel Deliveries on Track in North Korea," Nov./Dec., p. 24;
"IAEA Begins Monitoring Conversion of HEU From U.S. Nuclear Stockpile," Nov./Dec., p. 26.

Ekeus, Rolf:

"Leaving Behind the UNSCOM Legacy in Iraq," Jun./Jul., pp. 3-6 (Interview).

Ellis, Jason D. and Todd Perry:

"Nunn-Lugar's Unfinished Agenda," Oct., pp. 14-22.

Fournier, Sami:

"Enhanced NPT Review Process Gets Underway at First PrepCom Session," Apr., p. 35;
"U.S. Test-Fires 'MIRACL' at Satellite Reigniting ASAT Weapons Debate," Oct.

, p. 30.

Garwin, Richard L.:

"The Future of Nuclear Weapons Without Nuclear Testing," Nov./Dec., pp. 3-11.

Holum, John D.:

"The Future of the Chemical Weapons Convention," Jan./Feb., pp. 3-7 (Interview).

Johnson, Rebecca:

"The Arms Control Agenda at the UN: Breaking New Ground or Breaking Old Habits," Jan./Feb., pp. 8-13;
"Multilateral Arms Control: Can the CD Break the Impasse?" Nov./Dec., pp. 17-21.

Keeny, Spurgeon M., Jr.:

"Helsinki: A Pyrrhic Victory?" Mar., p. 2;
"Arms Control and the Helsinki Summit: Issues and Obstacles in the Second Clinton Term," Mar., pp. 9-15 (ACA Briefing);
"In Memoriam: ACDA (1961-1997)," Apr., p. 2;
"Send Senate CTB Treaty Now," May, p. 2;
"Aftershocks From the Novaya Zemlya Earthquake," Aug., p. 2;
"The Next Step in Strategic Arms Control," Sept., p. 2;
"Testing the CTB Regime," Oct., p. 2;
"One Step Forward," Nov./Dec., p. 2.

Leklem, Erik J.:

"Administration, Senate Opposition Draw Battle Lines Over CWC," Jan./Feb., p. 19;
"Majority Leader Emerges as Key to Fate of CWC in Senate," Mar., p. 22;
"Senate Gives Advice and Consent; U.S. Becomes Original CWC Party," Apr., p. 32;
"CWC Parties Hold First Conference, OPCW Declared Fully Operational," May, p. 23;
"U.S. to Join 'Ottawa Process': Will Seek Changes to Treaty," Aug., p. 23;
"Iraqi BW Program May Be Key to Standoff with UN," Oct., p. 25;
"Russia and Iran Join CWC; Membership Total Reaches 104," Oct., p. 27;
"CWC Parties Hold 2nd Conference; Membership Reaches 106 States," Nov./Dec., p. 24, 27.

Mandelbaum, Michael:

"The Post-Cold War Settlement in Europe: A Triumph of Arms Control," Mar., pp. 3-8 (Mar. 26 address before ACA annual luncheon).

McCausland, Jeffrey D.:

"NATO and Russian Approaches to 'Adapting' the CFE Treaty," Aug., pp. 12-18.

Mendelsohn, Jack:

"Crossing the 'Finnish' Line," Jan./Feb., p. 2;
"Arms Control and the Helsinki Summit: Issues and Obstacles in the Second Clinton Term," Mar., pp. 9-15 (ACA Briefing);
"Clinton Announces Reorganization Plan, ACDA to Lose Independent Status," Apr., p. 33;
"The NATO-Russian Founding Act," May, pp. 19-20;
"NATO Enlargement: A Decision to Regret," Jun./Jul., p. 2;
"The U.S.-Russian Strategic Arms Control Agenda," Nov./Dec., pp. 12-16.

Mendelsohn, Jack and Craig Cerniello:

"The Arms Control Agenda at the Helsinki Summit," Mar.

, pp. 16-18.

Pearson, Graham S.:

"The Fourth BWC Review Conference: An Important Step Forward," Jan./Feb., pp. 14-18.

Perry, Todd and Jason D. Ellis:

"Nunn-Lugar's Unfinished Agenda," Oct., pp. 14-22.

Rhinelander, John:

"Arms Control and the Helsinki Summit: Issues and Obstacles in the Second Clinton Term," Mar., pp. 9-15 (ACA briefing).

Sigal, Leon V.:

"The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Understanding the Failure of the 'Crime-and-Punishment' Strategy", May, pp. 3-13.

Sloan, Stanley R.:

"French Defense Policy: Gaullism Meets the Post-Cold War World," Apr., pp. 3-8.

Steinbruner, John:

"Arms Control and the Helsinki Summit: Issues and Obstacles in the Second Clinton Term," Mar., pp. 9-15 (ACA briefing).

Walkling, Sarah:

"U.S. Favors CD Negotiations to Achieve Ban on Landmines," Jan./Feb., p. 20;
"Wassenaar Members End Plenary; First Data Exchange Falls Short," Jan./Feb., p. 24;
"111 States Consider Draft Treaty Banning Anti-Personnel Landmines," Mar., p. 23;
"NATO Presents Initial Proposal For Adaptation of CFE Treaty," Mar., p. 24;
"Russian Proposal for CFE Adaptation Seeks New Limits on NATO Arms," Apr., p. 36;
"CFE 'Flank' Accord Enters into Force; Senate Warns Russia on Deployments," May, pp. 26, 31.

Weeks, Jennifer:

"Sino-U.S. Nuclear Cooperation at a Crossroads," Jun./Jul., pp. 7-13.

Wurst, Jim:

"Closing in on a Landmine Ban: The Ottawa Process and U.S. Interests," Jun./Jul., pp. 14-18.

Zaborsky, Victor and Gary Bertsch:

"Bringing Ukraine into the MTCR: Can U.S. Policy Succeed?" Apr.

, pp. 9-14.


"Arms Control and the Helsinki Summit: Issues and Obstacles in the Second Term," with Spurgeon M. Keeny, Jr., Jack Mendelsohn, John Rhinelander and John Steinbruner, Mar., pp. 9-15.

"The Issues Behind The CTB Treaty Ratification Debate," with Robert Bell, Charles Curtis, Richard Garwin and Lynn Sykes, Oct., pp. 6-13.


Joint Statements of the Helsinki Summit and analysis by Jack Mendelsohn and Craig Cerniello, Mar. pp. 16-21.

The Chemical Weapons Convention and a summary of the Senate Resolution of Ratification, Apr., pp. 15-31.

The Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy, (Executive summary) National Academy of Sciences Report, May, pp. 14-18.

Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security Between NATO and the Russian Federation, and analysis by Jack Mendelsohn, May, pp. 19-24.

Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction, and analysis, Sept., pp. 11-18.

New START II and ABM Treaty Documents, Sept., pp. 19-24.


"Signatories to the Biological Weapons Convention," Jan./Feb., pp. 28-30.

"U.S. and Soviet/Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces," Mar., p. 30

"States-Parties and Signatories to The Chemical Weapons Convention," Apr., pp. 41-42.

"U.S. 1996 Data for the UN Conventional Arms Register," May, pp. 33-34.

"Chronology of U.S.-Soviet-CIS Nuclear Relations," Jun./Jul., pp. 29-30.

"U.S. Arms Export Agreements Notified to Congress, 1997," Aug., p. 26.

"CTB Treaty Signatories and Ratifiers," Sept., p. 34.

"U.S. and Soviet/Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces," Oct., p. 34.

"1996 UN Conventional Arms Register," Nov./Dec., pp. 30-31.


John D. Holum: Jan./Feb., pp. 3-7.

Rolf Ekeus: Jun./Jul., pp. 3-6.

Stephen W. Bosworth: Aug., pp. 3-6.


ABM Treaty:

Clinton to submit clarifying amendments to Senate, May, pp. 32, 34;
Package of clarifying amendments signed, Sept., pp. 2, 26, 32;
Joint statements on, Sept., pp. 20-24 (Documents);
MIRACL tested on satellite, Oct., p. 30.
(See also BMD, NATO, NMD, Russia, START II, TMD U.S.-Russian Relations.)

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA):

Integration into State Department, Apr., pp. 2, 33.


Arms control in, Oct., pp. 31, 33.

Ballistic Missiles:

CIA estimate of threat to U.S., Jan./Feb., p. 22;
UNSCOM investigating Iraqi Scuds, Jan./Feb., p. 25;
Indian-Pakistani missile activities, Jun./Jul., p. 24;
Still held by Bulgaria, Slovakia, Sept., p. 33.
(See also India, MTCR, NMD, Pakistan, Ukraine, UNSCOM.)

Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD):

Army tests BMD systems, Mar., p. 29;
Increased funding in QDR, May, p. 29.
(See also NMD, TMD, U.S. Congress, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

Biological Weapons:

See Iraq.

Biological Weapons Convention (BWC):

Fourth review conference, Jan./Feb., pp. 14-18;
Rolling text for verification protocol introduced, Jun./Jul.

, p. 27.

Chemical Weapons:

U.S.-Russia agree to increase funding for CW destruction, Apr., p. 40.
(See also China.)

Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC):

Analysis of treaty, prospects for implementation, Jan./Feb., pp. 3-7 (Interview with John Holum), p. 19;
Signatories on entry-into-force, Jan./Feb., pp. 28-29 (Factfile);
Congressional consideration of, Mar., pp. 22, 27;
text of, Apr., pp. 15-28 (Document);
Analysis of Senate resolution of ratification, Apr., pp. 29-31;
Senate approves CWC, Apr. pp. 32, 36;
First conference of States Parties held, May, p. 25;
OPCW implementing, Aug., p. 25;
Russia and Iran join, Oct., p. 27;
Parties hold second conference, Nov./Dec., pp. 24, 27.
(See also START II, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Congress.)


U.S. imposes sanctions on entities in, May, p. 34;
Nuclear cooperation agreement with U.S., Jun./Jul., pp. 7-13;
Senate calls for sanctions on, Jun./Jul., p. 28;
Sino-U.S. nuclear cooperation accord, Sept., pp. 31, 33; Oct., pp. 23, 33.

Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers:

Statement of principles, Apr., pp. 28-29 (Document).

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT):

UN and, Jan./Feb., p. 13; GCC and, Mar., p. 25;
Clinton should send to Senate, May, p. 2;
Clinton to submit, Japan ratifies, Jun./Jul., p. 20;
CIA suspects Russia of testing, Aug., pp. 2, 19;
Implications of Novaya Zemlya earthquake for CTB monitoring system, Oct., pp. 2, 7, 10, 24;
Clinton sends to Senate, Sept., p. 25;
Signatories and ratifiers, Sept., p. 34 (Factfile);
Issues of ratification debate, Oct., pp. 6-13;
Senate hearings on, Oct., p. 24;
Future of nuclear weapons under CTBT, Nov./Dec., pp. 3-11.
(See also CD, Japan, SSMP, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy.)

Conference on Disarmament (CD):

Fissile material cutoff negotiations in, Jan./Feb., pp. 11-12;
U.S. favors for negotiating on landmines, Jan./Feb., p. 20;
Assessment of first 1997 CD session, Mar., p. 27;
Assessment of second 1997 session, Jun./Jul., p. 23;
Assessment of final session, Sept., p. 32;
State of impact on multilateral arms control, Nov./Dec., pp. 17-21.
(See also Landmines, CTBT, United Nations.)

Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty:

NATO presents proposal for treaty adaptation, Mar., pp. 24, 25;
Flank accord approved by Senate, May, pp. 26, 31;
Basic elements for adaptation agreed, Jun./Jul., pp. 21, 23;
NATO's approach to CFE adaptation, Aug., pp. 12-18;
NATO presents nominal force numbers, Nov./Dec. 1997, p. 25.
(See also NATO, Russia, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

Conventional Arms Transfers:

U.S. to ease limits on sales to Latin America, Apr., pp. 37, 39;
Code of conduct rejected, Apr., p. 40;
U.S. foreign military sales agreements up, May, p. 32;
U.S. worldwide share of agreements up, Aug., p. 22;
Britain announces new policy on, Aug., p. 25;
Export agreements reported to Congress, Aug., p. 26;
U.S. reports FMS for 1996, Sept., p. 33.
(See also Latin America, UN Conventional Arms Register, U.S. Arms Control Policy, Wassenaar.)

Cooperative Threat Reduction:

See Nunn-Lugar.

Department of Energy:

See IAEA, Nunn-Lugar.

European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM):


Export Controls:

U.S. investigates computer exports to Russia, Mar., p. 25;
Congress to tighten supercomputer controls, Jun./Jul., p. 22;
U.S., Russian supercomputer dispute, Oct., pp. 26-27;
U.S. supercomputer controls strengthened, Nov./Dec., p. 29.
(See also China, MTCR, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy, Russia, Wassenaar Arrangement.)


Nuclear deterrence dialogue with Germany, Jan./Feb., p. 27;
Defense policy of, Apr., pp. 3-8.
(See also NATO.)

Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission:

Results of eighth meeting, Mar., p. 26;
Results of ninth meeting, Sept., p. 29.
(See also U.S.-Russian Relations.)


Shelves Agni, Jan./Feb., p. 27;
U.S. arms sales to, Aug., pp. 7-11.
(See also Ballistic Missiles, CD, CTBT.)

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):

New inspection protocol, May, p. 27;
Monitoring U.S. fissile conversion, Nov./Dec., p. 26.
(See also North Korea.)


Joins CWC, Oct., p. 27.
(See also Gore Chernomyrdin Commission, Nunn-Lugar.)


UNSCOM investigates Scud missiles, Jan./Feb., p. 25;
Missile parts shipped to U.S., Mar., p. 29;
Standoff over inspections, BW, Oct., p. 25.
(See also IAEA, UNSCOM.)


Ratifies CTBT, Jun./Jul., p. 20.


See ABM Treaty, START I.

Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO):

Signs protocols with North Korea, Jan./Feb., p. 23;
Progress on reactor project, Apr., p. 39;
EURATOM to join executive board, May, p. 30;
Groundbreaking for first reactor, Aug., p. 25.
(See also North Korea.)


CD consideration, Jan./Feb., pp. 12-13;
Ottawa Process considers draft landmines treaty, Mar., p. 23;
Ottawa Process and U.S. interests, Jun./Jul., pp. 14-18;
U.S. to join Ottawa Process, Aug., p. 23;
Ottawa Treaty analysis, Sept., pp. 11-12;
Treaty text and expected signatories, Sept., pp. 13-18;
Ottawa Treaty opened for signature, Nov./Dec.

, p. 29.

Latin America:

U.S. to ease limits on arms sales to, Apr., pp. 37, 39;
U.S. ends ban to, Aug., p. 21.
(See also Conventional Arms Transfers.)

Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR):

See Ukraine, U.S. Arms Control Policy.

National Academy of Sciences:

See U.S. Nuclear Use Policy.

National Defense Panel (NDP):

Report on U.S. defense and security requirements, Nov./Dec., p. 22.

National Missile Defense (NMD):

NMD bills introduced in Congress, Jan./Feb., p. 21;
Senate committee approves Lott bill, Apr., p. 38;
test of NMD system sensor successful, Jun./Jul., p. 28.
(See also, ABM Treaty, TMD, U.S. Congress, U.S.-Russian relations.)


Expansion threatens START II, Jan./Feb., p. 2;
Germany, France discuss nuclear deterrence, Jan./Feb., p. 27;
Helsinki statement of U.S.-Russian relations and, Mar., p. 21 (Document);
Offers proposal for CFE Treaty adaptation Mar., p. 24, 25;
U.S. releases cost estimate, Mar., p. 29;
Analysis of the NATO-Russian Founding Act, May, p. 20;
NATO-Russian Founding Act, May, pp. 21-24 (Document);
Expansion decision assessed, Jun./Jul., p. 2, pp. 25-26;
Invites new members, Jun./Jul., pp. 19-26;
Eisenhower group response to expansion, Jun./Jul., p. 25 (Letter to President Clinton);
Critique of administration responses to Senate questions on NATO enlargement, Sept., pp. 3-10;
Proposes new CFE ceilings, Nov./Dec., p. 25.
(See also CFE Treaty, Russia, START III, TMD, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

North Korea:

Agreed Framework implementation resumes, Jan./Feb., p. 23;
Reactor project moves forward, Apr., p. 38;
Nuclear diplomacy with, May, pp. 3-13;
Meets U.S. for talks on missiles, Jun./Jul., p. 28;
North Korean nuclear accord on track, Aug., pp. 3-6;
Missile talks with U.S. collapse, Aug., p. 24;
Canning of spent fuel nearing completion, Nov./Dec., p. 24.
(See also IAEA, KEDO.)

Nuclear Abolition:

Malaysian UN resolution on, Jan./Feb., pp. 8-9
(See also CD.)

Nuclear Material Protection, Control and Accounting (MPC&A):

U.S.-Russian joint statement on, Mar., p. 26.
(See also Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, Nuclear Safety and Security.)

Nuclear Non-Proliferation:

See China, KEDO, North Korea, Nuclear Abolition, Nunn-Lugar, MPC&A, Plutonium, Russia, UNSCOM, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy, CTBT.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT):

Assessment of first PrepCom session Apr., p. 35;
Brazil to consider joining, Jun./Jul., p. 27.
(See also CTBT.)

Nuclear Safety and Security:

U.S., Russia sign plutonium-producing reactor phase-out agreement, Sept., p. 28.

Nuclear Testing:

See CTBT, Stockpile Stewardship.


U.S.-Russia amend agreements on, Apr., p. 40;
Evaluation of programs, Oct., pp. 14-21;
U.S. buys Moldovan aircraft under, Oct.

, p. 28.

Ottawa Process:

See Landmines.


See Ballistic Missiles.


See Nuclear Safety and Security.


Prospects for START II ratification, Jan./Feb., p. 2;
Accepts Georgian HEU, Jan./Feb., p. 27;
Strategic nuclear forces under START I, Mar., p. 30 (Factfile);
Duma responses to Helsinki, Apr., p. 34;
Control of nuclear forces, May, p. 28;
Yeltsin pledges detargeting, May, p. 34;
State of nuclear forces, Jun./Jul., pp. 27-28;
Chronology of nuclear relations with U.S., Jun./Jul., pp. 29-30 (Factfile);
Prospects of START II passage in, Aug., p. 25;
Denies claims of missing nuclear weapons, Sept., p. 30;
Joins CWC, Oct., p. 27;
Nuclear policy, Nov./Dec., p. 29;
HEU deal with, Nov./Dec., p. 29.
(See also Gore Chernomyrdin Commission, START II, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

South Korea:

See Ballistic Missiles, KEDO, North Korea.

Southeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone (SEANWFZ):

Enters into force, Apr., p. 35.


See ABM Treaty.

Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program (SSMP):

National Ignition Facility, May, p. 32;
First subcritical test, Jun./Jul., p. 27;
Report criticizes, Aug., p. 25;
Evaluation of, Oct., p. 8.

(See also CTBT.)

Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) I:

U.S. and Soviet/Russian forces, Mar., p. 30 (Factfile);
CISAC study on U.S. nuclear weapons policy, May, p. 14 (Document);
U.S. and Soviet/Russian forces, Oct., p. 34 (Factfile).
(See also Russia, TMD, START II.)

Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) II:

Prospects for Russian ratification, Jan./Feb., p. 2;
Helsinki 5-year extension solution, Mar., p. 2;
Framework agreed at Helsinki summit, Mar., pp. 9-15;
Analysis of Helsinki summit impact on Duma ratification of, Mar., pp. 16-18;
Helsinki joint statements, Mar., pp. 19-21;
U.S.-Russia Joint agreements regarding, Sept., pp. 19-20 (Documents);
U.S.-Russia sign accords on, Sept., p. 27.
(See also Russia, START I, START III, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Nuclear Use Policy, U.S. Nuclear Weapons, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) III:

Joint U.S.-Russian Statement Mar., pp. 19-20 (Document);
Panel recommends early move to START II force levels, Nov./Dec., p. 22;
(See also, NDP, Russia, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Nuclear Use Policy, U.S.-Russian Relations, START II.)


See Export Controls.

Theater Missile Defense (TMD):

U.S., Russia reaffirm TMD agreement principles in Helsinki, Mar., p. 17;
Clinton, Yeltsin agree to finish TMD agreement, Jun./Jul., p. 20;
SCC completes TMD agreement, Aug., p. 20.
(See also ABM Treaty, BMD, START II, U.S.-Russian Relations.)


Denies selling arms to Libya, Jan./Feb., p. 27;
Missile proliferation policy of, Apr., pp. 9-14.
(See also ABM, Russia, START I, U.S. Arms Control Policy.)

United Nations:

Arms control agenda at, Jan./Feb., pp. 8-13;
Security Council condemns Iraqi non-cooperation, Jun./Jul., p. 28.
(See also CD, CTBT, Iraq, UN Conventional Arms Register, UNSCOM.)

UN Conventional Arms Register:

U.S. data for 1996, May, pp. 33-34 (Factfile);
Data released for 1997, Oct., p. 29;
Complete 1996 data, Nov./Dec., pp. 30-31 (Factfile).

UN Special Commission on Iraq (UNSCOM):

Mandate and accomplishments in Iraq, Jun./Jul., pp. 3-6 (Interview with Rolf Ekeus).
(See also Iraq, United Nations.)

U.S. Arms Control Policy:

CWC ratification, Jan./Feb., pp. 3-7 (Interview with John Holum);
European politics after the Cold War, Mar., pp. 3-8;
Clinton's second term, Mar., pp. 9-15 (ACA Panel);
Toward Ukraine, Apr.,pp. 13-14;
Study on the future of nuclear weapons policy, Oct., pp. 4-5.
(See also Chemical Weapons Convention, CISAC, NDP, U.S. Congress, U.S. Nuclear Use policy, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

U.S. Congress:

Senate ratification of CWC, Jan./Feb., pp. 3-7;
NMD debate in, Jan./Feb., p. 21;
Senate Foreign Relations Committee considers CWC Mar., pp. 22-27;
Analysis of Senate resolution of ratification, Apr., pp. 29-31;
Senate approves CWC, Apr., pp. 32, 36;
Senate committee passes Lott NMD bill, Apr., p. 38.
(See also, CTBT, CWC, NMD.)

U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy:

See CD, China, CTBT, CWC, Cooperative Threat Reduction, EURATOM, Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, IAEA, Iran, KEDO, Libya, North Korea, Nuclear Abolition, Nuclear Safety and Security Summit, NWFZs, Pakistan, South Korea, SPNWFZ, UNSCOM, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Nuclear Use Policy, U.S. Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Security Assistance, Wassenaar Arrangement.

U.S. Nuclear Use Policy:

Air Force deploys B61-11, Mar., p. 29;
CISAC study of U.S. nuclear weapons policy, May, pp. 14-18 (Document);
Evaluation of CISAC study, Oct., p. 4-5;
Clinton issues decision directive, Nov./Dec., p. 23;
New PDD step in right direction, Nov./Dec., p. 2.
(See also NATO, Russia.)

U.S. Nuclear Weapons:

See Nuclear Testing, Plutonium, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy, WIPP.

U.S.-Russian Relations:

Clinton-Yeltsin summit, Mar. p. 2;
Clinton, Yeltsin at G-7 Summit in Denver, Jun./Jul., p. 20;
Nuclear transparency measures, Oct., p. 32;
Strategic agenda, Nov./Dec., pp. 12-16.
(See also ABM Treaty, CFE Treaty, Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, NATO, Strategic Arms Reduction Talks, TMD, U.S. Arms Control Policy, Wassenaar Arrangement.)

U.S. Security Assistance:

See Nunn-Lugar.

Wassenaar Arrangement:

Members hold first plenary, Jan./Feb., p. 24;
Members review data exchange, May, p. 32;
Plenary held, Nov./Dec. 1997, p. 27.
(See also Export Controls.)