ACA’s journal, Arms Control Today, remains the best in the market. Well focused. Solidly researched. Prudent.

– Hans Blix,
former IAEA Director-General

Tony Fleming, Director for Communications and Operations

Tony Fleming, Director for Communications and OperationsTony Fleming is Director for Communications and Operations at the Arms Control Association. He manages the organization's engagement with journalists and producers, social media and web content, and information technology.

Tony has over 15 years experience in advocacy communications, nonprofit operations, and strategy planning. He is the founder and editor of GlobalMemo.org, a contributor to UNDispatch, and a member of the WFM/Institute for Global Policy council. Prior to his role at ACA, he was Policy & Program Director and a former board member at Citizens for Global Solutions. He received his Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in International Security from the University of Maryland in 2006.

Contact Information:
[email protected]
202-463-8270 ext. 110

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