Program Test

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8:00 am Registration begins
9:00 am Welcome: Daryl G. Kimball, executive director
9:10 am Keynote Address: Jake Sullivan
National Security Advisor to the President
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:30 am PANEL I: Preventing a Three-Way Nuclear Arms Race
  • Lynn Rusten, Nuclear Threat Initiative
  • Jon Wolfsthal, former senior director for arms control and nonproliferation at the NSC
  • Tong Zhao, Program on Science and Global Security at Princeton
  • Thomas Countryman, Arms Control Association, moderator
11:30 am Break for Lunch Service
12:00 pm Keynote Address: Ambassador Alexander Kmentt
Director of Disarmament, Arms control, and Nonproliferation at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and President of the First Meeting of the States-Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
1:00 pm PANEL II: Reducing Nuclear Risks and Reinforcing the Taboos Against Nuclear Use and Threats
  • Rebecca Davis Gibbons, University of Southern Maine and co-chair of the Beyond Nuclear Deterrence Working Group at the Harvard Project on Managing the Atom
  • Morton H. Halperin, former senior official on arms control and defense matters in the Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, and Obama administrations
  • Amy F. Woolf, Atlantic Council
  • Daryl G. Kimball, Arms Control Association, moderator
2:00 pm Coffee Break
2:15 pm PANEL III: The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: Is There a Diplomatic Plan B?
  • Kelsey Davenport, Arms Control Association
  • Ali Vaez, International Crisis Group
  • Dylan Williams, J Street
  • Barbara Slavin, Stimson Center, moderator
3:20 pm PANEL IV: Risk and Regulation of AI in Nuclear Command and Control
  • Paul Dean, U.S. State Department
  • Chris Meserole, Brookings Institution
  • Helen Toner, Georgetown Center for Security and
  • Emerging Technology
  • Shannon Bugos, Arms Control Association, moderator
4:20 pm Closing: Daryl G. Kimball, executive director