"I want to thank the Arms Control Association … for being such effective advocates for sensible policies to stem the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and most importantly, reduce the risk of nuclear war."
– Senator Joe Biden
January 28, 2004
Press Releases

CTB Treaty Opened for Signature After Approval by United Nations

U.S. Arms Sales Continue Decline, Russia Top Exporter in 1995

CIA, DIA Provide New Details on CW, BW Programs in Iran and Russia

India Blocks Consensus on CTB, Treaty May Still Go to UN

Landmine-Free Zones Will Advance Goal of Global Ban

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Dole, Republican Platform Criticize Clinton Arms Control Policies

Pentagon Says Some U.S. Troops in Gulf May Have Been Exposed to CW Agents

CD Weighs Draft CTB Treaty; U.S., Russia to Push for Signature

U.S., Russia Near Agreement On Lower-Velocity TMD Systems

KEDO, North Korea Sign Protocols As Funding Crisis Continues


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