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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Prevent a "Spiral of Proliferation"
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Against the advice of his top advisors and key U.S. allies, President Donald Trump announced October 13 that he would not certify to Congress that the sanctions relief granted to Iran is not proportional to the nuclear limits that Iran is meeting under the terms of the deal with six world powers.

(Photo: Flickr/Ron Cogswell)

Trump also threatened to terminate U.S. participation in the deal if Congress cannot pass new legislation requiring that sanctions to snap back into place if Iran does not meet additional limits not in the deal

We can convince Congress not to fall for this.

Senators Tom Cotton and Bob Corker have vowed to pursue such legislation, which amounts would put the U.S. on a path to violate the deal.

This unilateralist approach undermines U.S. credibility and leadership in international negotiations. The International Atomic Energy Agency, our European partners, numerous other world leaders, and the U.S. intelligence community all agree that Iran is complying with the Deal's nuclear restrictions.

Now is the time to tell your members of Congress to protect the successful nuclear deal and to refrain from actions that undermine it.

Please write now and remind Congress that:

  • A deal is a deal. There is no realistic option, nor any reason to renegotiate the current agreement, which is working effectively to block Iran’s pathways to a bomb.
  • Congress should not re-impose nuclear-related sanctions so long as the IAEA confirms Iran is meeting its commitments
  • President Trump should focus on solving the North Korean nuclear crisis through diplomacy rather than provoking a proliferation crisis with Iran.

Thank you for taking action today and sharing it with others! 


Posted: September 21, 2017