I salute the Arms Control Association … for its keen vision of the goals ahead and for its many efforts to identify and to promote practical measures that are so vitally needed to achieve them. -

– Amb. Nobuyasu Abe
Former UN Undersecretary General for Disarmament Affairs
January 28, 2004
  • March 3, 2010

    March 2010

  • March 4, 2009

    Notifications made to Congress in 2008 of requested U.S. arms sales reached their highest monetary level in more than a decade. Countries in the Middle East accounted for more than half of the $75 billion in government-to-government requests, which also included controversial arrangements with Taiwan. Notifications do not always result in deliveries, and experts warn against expecting the high level of possible deals to continue. (Continue)

  • February 10, 2009

    Letter to the Obama Administration from 67 national organizations, requesting a review of U.S. policy on landmines and cluster bombs.

  • December 4, 2008

    In 2007 the United States again led the world in delivery of and sales agreements for conventional arms. In that year, the value of global transfer agreements rose to nearly $60 billion, up approximately $5 billion from 2006, with the majority of the increase coming in arrangements with developing countries. The value of global deliveries fell, however, according to the latest annual report by Congressional Research Service analyst Richard Grimmett. (Continue)

  • November 4, 2008

    Congress adjourned in October without acting on proposed defense trade treaties inked in 2007 with Australia and the United Kingdom. Other presidentially directed adjustments in how the Department of State administers defense trade did progress, with a new fee structure announced for license reviews. (Continue)

  • October 6, 2008

    After dipping in 2006, global conventional arms exports last year rose because of increased weapons transfers by Russia, the United States, and other top suppliers, as well as the shipment of thousands of rockets by Slovakia and Turkey. All told, arms deliveries in 2007 were the largest for any year since governments started providing an annual accounting of their weapons transactions to the United Nations in 1993. (Continue)

  • February 2, 2008

    February 2008

  • January 25, 2008

    In part in response to a July 2007 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report critical of the Department of Defense’s record keeping, Congress has passed legislation mandating new tracking requirements for defense articles provided to Iraq. Another congressionally approved measure places restrictions on military aid to some countries and calls for spending to help others based on humanitarian factors. (Continue)

  • January 25, 2008
  • December 1, 2007