“Over the past 50 years, ACA has contributed to bridging diversity, equity, inclusion and that's by ensuring that women of color are elevated in this space.”
– Shalonda Spencer
Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation
June 2, 2022
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Exclusive: Satellite images show increased activity at nuclear test sites in Russia, China and US Daryl Kimball CNN September 22, 2023
Crown prince confirms Saudi Arabia will seek nuclear arsenal if Iran develops one Thomas Countryman Guardian, The September 21, 2023
Russia, Desperate for Munitions to Fight Ukraine, Courts Iran for Materiel Gabriela Iveliz Rosa Hernández New York Sun September 20, 2023
Inside the delicate art of maintaining America’s aging nuclear weapons Daryl Kimball Associated Press, The September 20, 2023
Biden vows to lead by example on curbing weapons of mass destruction Daryl Kimball Guardian, The September 19, 2023
Mahsa Amini protests hardened Europe's view on Iran, but nuclear strategy unchanged Kelsey Davenport Al Monitor September 17, 2023
US-Russia Nuclear Arms Control Talks `Without Preconditions’: Somebody Has to Make the First Move Thomas Countryman Just Security September 12, 2023
Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Today ft. Thomas Countryman Thomas Countryman Honest Critique September 11, 2023
The U.S. and Iran are taking, small tentative steps to dial back tensions Kelsey Davenport NBC September 8, 2023
Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine Gabriela Iveliz Rosa Hernández Voice of Islam September 1, 2023
Russia Reveals on What Condition It Would Resume Nuclear Weapons Testing Daryl Kimball Newsweek August 29, 2023
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Ukraine’s Sea Drones Alter Balance of Power in Black Sea Gabriela Iveliz Rosa Hernández Wall Street Journal, The August 11, 2023
Russia Outnumbers the US 10-to-1 in Tactical Nukes. Now What? Daryl Kimball Washington Post, The July 31, 2023
US proposal for talks with Russia on keeping nuclear arms curbs in limbo Daryl Kimball Reuters July 26, 2023
How many nuclear weapons the U.S. has might surprise you Arms Control Association Orange County Register July 21, 2023
The Military Dangers of AI Are Not Hallucinations Michael Klare Tomdispatch July 11, 2023
What are cluster bombs and why is the U.S. sending them to Ukraine so controversial? Daryl Kimball CGTN July 9, 2023
Fury among aid groups as U.S. approves cluster bombs for Ukraine Daryl Kimball Japan Today July 8, 2023
U.S. has destroyed all its chemical weapons Arms Control Association Japan Today July 8, 2023
Biden Faces Democrat Backlash Over Cluster Munitions for Ukraine Daryl Kimball Newsweek July 8, 2023
White House, Pentagon defend sending controversial cluster munitions to Ukraine Arms Control Association ABC News July 7, 2023
What are cluster munitions? White House defends Biden decision to send controversial weapons to Ukraine Daryl Kimball ABC News July 7, 2023
Bombshell Announcement Daryl Kimball CBC July 7, 2023
¿Qué son las bombas de racimo y por qué están prohibidas en más de cien países? Gabriela Iveliz Rosa Hernández EFE (Spain) July 7, 2023