"No one can solve this problem alone, but together we can change things for the better." 

– Setsuko Thurlow
Hiroshima Survivor
June 6, 2016
U.S.-Russian Nuclear Arms Control Watch

U.S.-Russian Nuclear Arms Control Watch

This occasional publication tracked and analyzed the latest developments surrounding U.S.-Russian arms control and strategic stability, including news on negotiations and the status of key agreements. It has been superseded by the Nuclear Disarmament Monitor.

  • U.S., Russia to Continue Strategic Stability Dialogue in 2022
    December 21, 2021

    U.S. and Russia plan to meet in early 2022 to continue strategic stability talks, while Russia's withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty becomes official. The P5 nuclear-weapon states meet in Paris ahead of the 10th Review Conference for the 1968 nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which begins in January.

  • U.S., Russia Strategic Stability Meeting Held in Geneva
    July 30, 2021

    The United States and Russia met in Geneva for a round of the strategic stability dialogue and plan to reconvene in September, and states-parties to the Open Skies Treaty have convened to discuss how the treaty will function after Russia's withdrawal in December.

  • U.S., Russia Agree to Strategic Stability Dialogue
    June 23, 2021

    United States and Russia to restart strategic stability dialogue. Russia will withdraw from Open Skies Treaty in December. NATO reiterates refusal to host ground-based nuclear missiles.

  • Russia Puts Open Skies Withdrawal Process Into Motion
    May 12, 2021

    Russia took another step closer to withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty, while the Biden administration has yet to make a decision about the future of potential U.S. participation in the accord. A summit between Presidents Biden and Putin is in the works, possibly to occur in mid-June.

  • U.S., Russia Signal Willingness to Hold Arms Control Talks
    March 17, 2021

    The United States and Russia have signaled their willingness to hold arms control talks. Moscow said it would reconsider a withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty if Washington returns, and France aims to hold a P5 dialogue in the coming months.