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Arms Control Today, November 2012


Dealing With Syria’s Dangerous Arsenals
Leonard S. Spector and Egle Murauskaite

The NSG Decision on Sensitive Nuclear Transfers: ABACC and the Additional Protocol
David S. Jonas, John Carlson, and Richard S. Goorevich

Book Reviews

South Asia’s Distinctive Arms Race
Michael Krepon


The Middle East and Africa

Iran Says Talks to Resume in November
Kelsey Davenport

Arab States Look to WMD Meeting in 2012
Kelsey Davenport and Daria Medvedeva

Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Nunn-Lugar Program’s Future Uncertain
Tom Z. Collina

The World

CTBTO Picks Lassina Zerbo as Next Head
Marcus Taylor and Daniel Horner

U.S. Officials Detail Cyber Policy
Timothy Farnsworth

New ATT Plan Advances
Daryl G. Kimball

Asia and Australia

South Korea Extends Missile Range
Kelsey Davenport

Strains Seen in Japan’s Plutonium Policy
Daniel Horner

The United States and the Americas

U.S. Remains Above New START Limits
Tom Z. Collina

U.S. Pushes Missile Defense Globally
Tom Z. Collina

News Briefs

Nuclear Security Bill Stalled in Senate
Wanda Archy

Space Code Meeting Postponed
Timothy Farnsworth

Scots Seek Legal Ban on Nuclear Weapons
Marcus Taylor

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