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Arms Control Today, October 2005

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Editor's Note
Miles A. Pomper


October 2005 Bibliography

Brazil's Nuclear History
Sharon Squassoni and David Fite

IN MEMORIAM: Joseph Rotblat (1908-2005)
Miles A. Pomper


Preventing a Nuclear Katrina
Daryl G. Kimball


The U.S.-India Nuclear Deal: Taking Stock
Fred McGoldrick, Harold Bengelsdorf, and Lawrence Scheinman

Brazil as Litmus Test: Resende and Restrictions on Uranium Enrichment
Sharon Squassoni and David Fite

Japan's Plutonium Reprocessing Dilemma
Shinichi Ogawa and Michael Schiffer

Book Reviews

The Muddle of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Strategy
Jack Mendelsohn


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